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This is a journal for an AU version of Ariadne from Inception. (Well, most of the time anyway. Sometimes she's just regular 'ol canon Ariadne.)

Through some tragedy (either during or after the events in the film) she has either died or become lost in her own mind. Now she's haunting your dreams. Maybe she's a projection, or a ghost, or maybe her lost subconscious is trying to get in touch with your own. In the landscape of the mind and imagination, anything is possible.

Several different verses have emerged from playing Ariadne.

Projection Verse
Ariadne is now like Mal, a Shade. She has died and only lives as a subconscious projection of people who once knew her. Or she's still alive and is being projected within the dream world for other reasons.

Coma Verse
Ariadne is in a coma from a job, but for some reason her subconscious has not been contained to Limbo. She's able to come in and out of people's dreams, is conscious and, unlike a projection, can think for herself. She can be in anyone's dream, no matter if she's met you before or not.

Limbo Verse
Played with [info]dontthinkabout, this is a verse in which Arthur and Ariadne become trapped in Limbo together during a routine training exercise (similar to canon Mal and Cobb). They are simultaneously building a life down there while trying to get back home.

If you have an interest in being involved in any of these verses, or have an idea for another verse please feel free to contact the mun any time.

[Ariadne and Inception belong to Christopher Nolan and Warner Brothers, and Ellen Page to herself. Muse and mun are both over 18.]
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